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Daniel Bard d.bard at telia.com
Mon Jun 2 13:10:21 EDT 2003

It's posts like these that makes you wanna shove a dictionary down the
senders throat. If you can't write a civil response, please don't respond at
ALL! This mailinglist sure has gone down the drain nowadays. Mostly due to
all the uncivil mails that people feel they have to send when someone tells
them they have posted a question that seems to be offtopic (often pretty

//Daniel "Bureaucrat"

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From: "Wolf" <WolfShield at hotmail.com>

> First all moron, it was on a linux server and as I guess that youe the
> owner NOT! i'll ask any question I want!
> I have never seen the skull and crossbones STAY with a player from start
> finish of the game, so shove that up your pompas arse!

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