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Wolf WolfShield at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 2 12:57:40 EDT 2003

First all moron, it was on a linux server and as I guess that youe the list
owner NOT! i'll ask any question I want!
I have never seen the skull and crossbones STAY with a player from start to
finish of the game, so shove that up your pompas arse!

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> Please do not post non-linux-server related (and frankly ignorant)
> questions as this one on this list.
> The answer to your question : the skull and crossbones icon means that
> there is a friendly mine near and you should watch out.
> I have no problem with people playing a leaked patch (I do so myself),
> but take the time to read the changelog or post questions like this on a
> forum somewhere.
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> That just means, someone is either dead or spectating right?
> At 12:32 PM 6/2/2003 -0400, you wrote:
> >Is it a known bug or is it a cheat when the icon shows the skill and
> >crossbones?
> >
> >
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