contentcrc.con and game.addcontentcrc32

yokai yokai at
Sun Jun 1 18:07:09 EDT 2003

what's with contentcrc.con and stuff like:

game.addContentCrc32 BF1942 Midway CQ 850577009
game.addContentCrc32 BF1942 Midway COOP 1507366316
game.addContentCrc32 BF1942 Midway TDM 2136075118
game.addContentCrc32 BF1942 Battle_of_the_Bulge CQ 1115254724
game.addContentCrc32 BF1942 Battle_of_the_Bulge COOP 4130998677
game.addContentCrc32 BF1942 berlin CQ 1286842950

if i figure this correctly it doesn't do much to prevent cheating at all.
i've been told there are hacks for this version of 1.4 seen on the japanese
ea ftp server circulation allready. was / is this the final patch? while i'm
at it, i've also been hearing you cannot install this over anything but a
clean bf with 1.31 installed only, is that true as well? should i get out
the stronger blend of coffee for all the support i'll have to be doing for

thanks for any info,

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