[bf1942] Reserved slots bugs

Andreas, Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Mon Jul 28 03:10:27 EDT 2003

I just fixed this bug. The fix will appear in the next update.

// Andreas

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From: James Gurney
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Subject: [bf1942] Reserved slots bugs

According to this thread:


There are (possibly) a couple of bugs with the reserved slots. The first

being that the server accepts the syntax:

game.serverReservedPassword "Password"
game.serverNumReservedSlots 2

But once the map changes, writes it out as the syntax:

game.serverReservedPassword "Password" 2

Which is then not accepted as valid syntax.

Can anyone confirm this? If so, can this be fixed in the next release?

The second bug would seem to be that on map change, people who weren't 
previously using a reserved slot are asked for a password. I assume 
what's happening here is that people who were in a reserved slot are 
connecting faster, and being assigned a non-reserved slot, thus filling 
up the non-reserved slots faster. Is there some way to force certain 
users to always log into a reserved slot? Or set some token so that they

go back into a reserved slot on re-connect?



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