[bf1942] Reserved slots bugs

Matthieu inocent_fr at yahoo.fr
Sat Jul 26 18:49:03 EDT 2003

don't fix reserved slot ;)
btw this feature unable you to queue a server before
connecting when it is full

 --- James Gurney <james at globalmegacorp.org> a écrit :
> According to this thread:
> There are (possibly) a couple of bugs with the
> reserved slots. The first 
> being that the server accepts the syntax:
> game.serverReservedPassword "Password"
> game.serverNumReservedSlots 2
> But once the map changes, writes it out as the
> syntax:
> game.serverReservedPassword "Password" 2
> Which is then not accepted as valid syntax.
> Can anyone confirm this? If so, can this be fixed in
> the next release?
> The second bug would seem to be that on map change,
> people who weren't 
> previously using a reserved slot are asked for a
> password. I assume 
> what's happening here is that people who were in a
> reserved slot are 
> connecting faster, and being assigned a non-reserved
> slot, thus filling 
> up the non-reserved slots faster. Is there some way
> to force certain 
> users to always log into a reserved slot? Or set
> some token so that they 
> go back into a reserved slot on re-connect?
> Thanks!
> James

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