[bf1942] Off Topic Admin Question

Kingsley Foreman kingsley at uglypunk.com
Fri Jul 25 22:43:53 EDT 2003

normally i don't condone adverts in forums

but damn that is well written software, looking forward to 
a nix version.

and it is aussie woot


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From: "Kevin Lockitt" <kevin at blackbagops.com>
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> I am currently working on a daemon that will allow you to admin your
> Linux BF server using my Remote Server Manager v2.0 for Windows utility.
> The daemon is about 85% complete and a beta version should be available
> 2 Aug. I also plan to develop a command-line client (for scripters)
> which could also be used by a web-based front-end should anyone care to
> develop one.
> Visit my website for more info about BF Server Manager 2.0. :)
> Kevin Lockitt
> kevin at blackbagops.com
> www.blackbagops.com
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> From: Chad Rose [mailto:crose at southwestwireless.net] 
> Sent: Saturday, 26 July 2003 2:50 AM
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> Subject: [bf1942] Off Topic Admin Question
> I know this is way off topic.  But, has anyone developed or thought of a
> way to admin a BF Linux server for the non-saavy Linux folks.... maybe a
> web interface or webmin module.  I have people that are very happy with
> the Linux servers performance they just can't grasp the command line
> admin side of the house and they are planning to request the Windows
> server once again. I would absolutely hate for this to happen.

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