[bf1942] Priority changing

Andreas, Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Fri Jul 25 17:18:28 EDT 2003


the server restarts itself via exec() at map changes (due a to legacy
win32 issue and the fact that we build from the same sources), so this
will not work. Threading priorities are also known to be flaky under
Linux :-(

Currently this is the only way to make BF behave nicer when loading maps,
but that might change in the future.

I'm distributing the source code for the setuid root daemon so you can
roll your own or just make sure it's good enough for your system.

// Andreas

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> No the priority daemon is needed to increase priorities on unix only,
> windows processes can change their priority at will. There hasn't been
> any demand for this feature on windows AFAIK so it will probably only
> be a Linux thing.

Is priority on Linux set per-thread or per-process? Couldn't you spawn a

separate niced thread for map loading and then continue from the
thread when the loading is complete? That would eliminate the need for

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