[bf1942] Info on the next beta (more features..)

Andreas, Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Fri Jul 25 02:37:34 EDT 2003

No the priority daemon is needed to increase priorities on unix only,
windows processes can change their priority at will. There hasn't been
any demand for this feature on windows AFAIK so it will probably only
be a Linux thing.

You lose the priority in the win32 case since the server restarts itself
between map changes. We're going to address that sooner or later but
for now there's not much to be done except to write a monitor program
that sits around changing priorities on the server if you really, really
want this feature. :-/

// Andreas

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Will this be ported to Windows, as well?

Also, this is somewhat of a tanget, but this is a bug in windows:

If you start the server in windows with "cmd.exe /c start /abovenormal 
bf1942.exe +restart 1 [...]", it will lose the abovenormal priority 
settings after the next map change (presumably at the next map 
change).  Can you have BF restore its priority level after a map change?

BTW, please don't make priority an option in the config file.  Imagine
much it would suck if customers of game hosting companies could change 
their server priority just by FTPing a new config file :)


At 10:45 AM 7/24/2003 +0200, you wrote:

>To gain some more popularity I'm also adding a new feature for
>many-server-on-one-box which attempts to reduce the lag when
>one of the servers starts a new map.
>Adding +priorityDaemon 1 to your command line will instruct the
>server to send messages to a local root daemon that sits around
>changing priorities on request. I'm including the source code
>of this daemon with the next release for you to meddle with and
>so that you can see what it does (it needs to run as root after
>all). Of course you can roll your own daemon if you fell like it.
>Basically it works like this:
>You start the daemon as root, and it will bind to
>After that you can start multiple bf servers with +priorityDaemon 1
>and they will have a niceness of 10 when loading, and then default
>back to zero once they are ready to accept clients.
>This way the loading servers shouldn't impact the playing servers
>as much (even though slow disks can wreak havoc anyway).
>// Andreas

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