[bf1942] Unlisted client bug?

Reinder P. Gerritsen reinder at strikerz.net
Fri Jul 25 02:27:21 EDT 2003

I'm plaing with [GoT]Firefox, and neither me nor the rest of my clan -
that is Gamerz o Tweakers, not Army of GoT - have had those freezes.

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My nickname is [JBA] PhoeniX [FUBAK], and I never had that freezes.


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> I have not seen mention of this bug, but then I can't exactly word it 
> well enough to search right.
> If you use a list of odd characters in your character name for 
> multiplay, the next time you open BF, the mouse freezes up and you 
> have to kill the program. The only fix is to manually delete the bad 
> user from the profiles directory. Is this a known bug, or has it been 
> fixed and I can't find it, or are the 20+ computers this is installed 
> on just all have crack for parts?
> Examples of bad characters to use: ? {} [] () etc

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