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Christian Lahme lahme at
Thu Jul 24 04:05:52 EDT 2003

Hello List,
Hello Andreas,

And it is possible ... We have installed bf-lnxded once on your
fileserver and we have multiple machines hosting them. Everything works
fine with a lot of sym-links. Okay it would be easier, but I think there
are many things on higher priority. Things like the
configfile-rewritting bug. This is a security problem, as ScratchMonkey
and I told to the list.

I think, more performance and more stability is on much higher priority
than all other. We´re running only up to 20 Slots each dedicated with
DesertCombat, more will be laggy on 2,6 Ghz Dual Xeon with 2 GB ECC
Registred RAM. Multiple dedicated (up to 4) is no problem. The server
gets not more laggy then with one dedicated. It´s not the hardware which
is the problem, the software lags itself on big maps.

Kind Regards - Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Christian Lahme

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From: "David Harrison" <trogspam at>
> > our case, we would prefer to put the all the standard game files 
> > under /usr/local/games/bf1942 which is not writeable by users and 
> > any custom mods/maps under the user's home directory along with the 
> > settings and logs.
> Under the new scheme, it sounds like you'll be able to do this, and 
> just set the new overlayPath thing to the home directory of the user.
> Thanks Andreas for implementing this; I would call this 'required 
> functionality' for a dedicated server product and it has been very 
> frustrating for us that it hasn't been implemented until now - looking

> forward to the next patch.

You said it David. With this option we will be able to provide multiple
server from one install which is just not possible atm which means that
BF1942 are a nightmare to support. One thing that's potentially missing
now that I think of it is to specify a distinct log directory. i.e. In
our system we always log to the logs dir under the users config dir. So
a +logDirectory would still be good to have even if its based below

    Steve / K

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