[bf1942] Info on the next beta

Andreas, Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Thu Jul 24 01:44:17 EDT 2003

Any and all statistics and performance data are always welcome,
I don't have that amount of players here. To bad I don't have the
ability to run an internet server during development either. :-/

The performance increase in OB7 was mostly due to the fact that
OB5 was badly optimized in some ways, so it doesn't apply to

// Andreas

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From: Steven Hartland
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> Thanks I had a great time. Only problem is that they smoked
> out my win32 test machine while I was away :-)

> I don't know if they managed to include the new meshes in the
> next patch; otherwise they will be broken in the win32 build
> as well again. Need to check this. Though with OB7 and the next
> patch they aren't impacting performance as much as earlier, right?

Still enough so that they arent usable unfortunately iirc. If you want
some metrics I can through them on our server for a night it you

Oh been asked by a few peps will the performance increase in
the linux build be seen in the win32 in the next patch?

    Steve / K

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