[bf1942] Info on the next beta

David Nilsson david at bfcentral.nu
Wed Jul 23 10:06:01 EDT 2003

Sounds great. Great to have you back again from vacation, hope you enjoyed
it :).

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From: "Andreas, Fredriksson" <andreas.fredriksson at dice.se>
To: <bf1942 at icculus.org>
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 4:03 PM
Subject: [bf1942] Info on the next beta

> Hi folks,
> I managed to get some linux work done after all and this is just a heads
> to
> keep you updated.
> There will be no more 1.4 betas; the next beta will target the next patch
> instead.
> I can't say yet when this is due but you know the drill by now. The next
> patch will
> fix the jump/water exploit in 1.4 among other things.
> Battle of britain is also included in the next patch, so if you haven't
> that
> map yet you can get it with the next beta, which will only be a full
> download
> (not an update to the 1.4 betas).
> On another note I've added an option to run multiple servers from the same
> directory
> which should come in handy for you server providers out there.
> This is from the next readme:
> +overlayPath /path/to/alternate/directory
> Settings and Logs are read/written from the alternate path instead of the
> usual
> mods/BF1942 paths. The overlayPath directory should contain the Logs and
> Settings
> directories only.
> This also fixes the bug where a /tmp/bf1942 folder would appear if you ran
> the
> server without write access to its settings files.
> I'm also looking in to ways to reduce the CPU usage when loading maps in
> way
> or another to make multi-hosting a more viable alternative.
> //Andreas

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