Info on the next beta

Andreas, Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at
Wed Jul 23 10:03:45 EDT 2003

Hi folks,

I managed to get some linux work done after all and this is just a heads up
keep you updated.

There will be no more 1.4 betas; the next beta will target the next patch
I can't say yet when this is due but you know the drill by now. The next
patch will
fix the jump/water exploit in 1.4 among other things.

Battle of britain is also included in the next patch, so if you haven't got
map yet you can get it with the next beta, which will only be a full
(not an update to the 1.4 betas).

On another note I've added an option to run multiple servers from the same
which should come in handy for you server providers out there.
This is from the next readme:

+overlayPath /path/to/alternate/directory
Settings and Logs are read/written from the alternate path instead of the
mods/BF1942 paths. The overlayPath directory should contain the Logs and
directories only.

This also fixes the bug where a /tmp/bf1942 folder would appear if you ran
server without write access to its settings files.

I'm also looking in to ways to reduce the CPU usage when loading maps in one
or another to make multi-hosting a more viable alternative.


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