[bf1942] El Alamein reservoir cheat / bug

Dieter Kirchner dieter at roko.goe.net
Wed Jul 23 08:01:46 EDT 2003


> i often use that method to flush would be flag takers out of of
> defensive pillboxes by dropping a hellfire at the door... usually does

To be precise: this one works in Standard BF42 (1.4), so you have no
hellfires of DC :-)

> if this bug is the same as the driving the allied inflatable inside the
> cargo ship issue on al khjafi ... once inside the object you are
> invulnerable ??

Yes, you can't be hit - seems they programmed no hitbox for such cases. If
you hit a door entry, the blast will do the rest
- but when you're inside an indestructable object you're safe.

> or are you still able to be hit, its just they cant see what to aim at

You can see arms and legs on the sides, but hitting these does no damage.
You may drop a grenade through the warp hole :-) and will suffer no damage
from it, but its difficult to hit.


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