[bf1942] Cheat

Lee Latham leeprivate at cgmlarson.com
Fri Jul 11 13:09:48 EDT 2003

yes, you need to keep looking up to keep traveling up.

and you can go very, very high indeed.

the more people know about this, the sooner it will be fixed!

but i can't wait to get a jetpack...

At 06:29 PM 7/11/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>I retract my last post....I have found yet another effect of the bug.
>Maybe my findings are old but they are related....jump off a builing,
>bridge, och plane/chopper, just look up in the sky and your soldier starts
>to make like a crouching dance instead of the falling flail with the arms.
>The result is that you are falling very slowly indeed and will survive when
>falling in water... If you tilt your head to midlevel you start to fall
>again, but if you are careful you can get fast speed forward during the
>fall, look up again to stop the falling and fall very slowly again, change
>direction and then fall slightly again to gain speed.
>In short, go up in a plane, jump out and fall wherever you want virutally
>undetected since your bailout spot is miles away...and the plane already
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>Från: Erik Mattsson [mailto:erik at mattsson.net]
>Skickat: den 11 juli 2003 17:24
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>Ämne: [bf1942] faulty physics engine....
>It actually works anywhere, jump off an airplane, face up in the air and
>press forward...voila you are floating in midair...major flaw in the physics
>engine I say....just sat and tested it and managed to jump from the
>Marketgarden bridge and slowly float down to the water.....going to test it
>in DC next so I can see where I go.... :)
>Fix this fast EA, please....game is going to be hell when everybody learns
>how to exploit this...
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>Ämne: RE: [bf1942] Cheat
>This bug is easy to exploit, it work only with water,
>jump from a low altitude in water and lookin 45° up,
>when touching the water rejump while turning left /
>right, that will made you soldier jump where you are
>seeing, there 45°, you can do bunny jump on water and
>travel ultra fast, or go ultra high...

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