AW: [bf1942] Memory Leaks in Linux server?

Christian Lahme lahme at
Fri Jul 4 10:50:16 EDT 2003

Okay.. Just let me tell you our testresults:

Dual Intel Xeon 2,6 Ghz ... HyperThreading off ... 2 GB DDR RAM
Registred ECC 333 Mhz:

4 x 20 Slots BF Server Internet without Password and DC 0.38d ...

It runs and it runs fast ... But everytime a server is restarting or a
new map is coming up... There is a big lag on every ded. Server

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Darcy wrote:
> You mean you can really keep a bf1942 server running for more than 
> several hours straight??  ;)

I'm absolutely impressed with the server stability and how little load 
it actually induces. A full (24) server has about 20% CPU load on my 
little Celeron 1400, which is really great IMHO.

I don't see any memleaks, either.


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