AW: [bf1942] chown on start?

Reinder P. Gerritsen reinder at
Fri Jul 4 02:23:22 EDT 2003

Tried that in Unreal Tournament once. The result was I had to drive back
to the colocation some 60 km away, because not being able to write to
config caused UT to K.O. my box. Was realy happy about that at 11 pm.

If you try it, make sure first this is not a reason to freeze on a box
next to you before putting it on a production server far, far away.

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> I realize it might be good if you have 1 server and you are 
> experimenting with tweaking alot of settings and want the server to 
> automatically remember those settings. But to me the opposite is true,

> having an admin change a setting "for fun", and then have the server 
> permanently behave differently from the other servers, no thanks! (im 
> considering if i should just chown them to root, and make them 
> readable only.

Good point! In fact, I chown mine to apache, so only the web-based
can affect them.

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