[bf1942] Memory Leaks in Linux server?

Lee Latham rasto at swbell.net
Thu Jul 3 23:15:53 EDT 2003

Actually it's been pretty stable, by and large, except of course when I'm
about to make a magnificent kill.

I'll try your test... but I can tell you that the used RAM goes up steadily
througout the day.  Seems to me it would have plenty of opportunity to free
it up again..but I understand, it might be "free".

But I still wonder if memory leaks couldn't be the cause of so many crashes
and reboots...I've worked with several software companies, and they are
such an (unecessarily) common problem...


At 04:19 PM 7/3/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>You mean you can really keep a bf1942 server running for more than several
>hours straight??  ;)
>On my server ith 512 RAM, the three processes for bf1942_lnxded are each
>using 12.6% (~194MB).
>Your operating system will cache a lot of memory and place data in buffers,
>which is what it does if several programs close and reopen.
>Just run a test. Open a large application, and load up a lot of data. When
>you close the program, it doesn't get released right away, and it will tally
>up the 'used' field. I've often seen servers with 1GB of RAM and only 4MB
>free, and its doing absolutely nothing. Just was the accumulation of a lot
>of disk caching, etc.
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>> I've noticed that I need to reboot my server once a day or so, because the
>> amount of memory available is rather a lot less (~900 megs) than that
>> apparently in use by all the various processes (accorting to "top").
>> I didn't see anything about it in the forums, so I'm wondering if I'm
>> hallucinating or if the server really does have some nasty memory leaks?
>> Lee
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