[bf1942] Memory Leaks in Linux server?

Darcy darcy at imgaming.com
Thu Jul 3 18:19:14 EDT 2003

You mean you can really keep a bf1942 server running for more than several
hours straight??  ;)
On my server ith 512 RAM, the three processes for bf1942_lnxded are each
using 12.6% (~194MB).
Your operating system will cache a lot of memory and place data in buffers,
which is what it does if several programs close and reopen.

Just run a test. Open a large application, and load up a lot of data. When
you close the program, it doesn't get released right away, and it will tally
up the 'used' field. I've often seen servers with 1GB of RAM and only 4MB
free, and its doing absolutely nothing. Just was the accumulation of a lot
of disk caching, etc.


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> I've noticed that I need to reboot my server once a day or so, because the
> amount of memory available is rather a lot less (~900 megs) than that
> apparently in use by all the various processes (accorting to "top").
> I didn't see anything about it in the forums, so I'm wondering if I'm
> hallucinating or if the server really does have some nasty memory leaks?
> Lee
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