[bf1942] exploit for Linux server?

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Tue Jul 1 14:17:30 EDT 2003

Lee Latham wrote:

> hnmm, you know, the messages I saw were complaining about lag, now that 
> I think about it.  That makes a lot of sense--
> btw, how _do_ you inentionally create a grey server message?  I've been 
> fiddling with admin.servermessage (I believe) but it keeps giving me 
> syntax errors...

It seems to work with single words.. ie, if you do:

admin.execRemoteCommand "game.sayall foo"

It works fine, but if you do:

admin.execRemoteCommand "game.sayall foo bar"

You get syntax errors. You also can't wrap it in quotes because that 
causes syntax errors as well. I guess you can't send messages with 
spaces until a fix for this is coded into the server. Best workaround is 
to use an _ instead of space, but this does look a little silly in game.


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