[bf1942] exploit for Linux server?

Scott Canham scott.canham at mnsu.edu
Tue Jul 1 14:14:46 EDT 2003

admin.servermessage "your message here" using a remote console application
will show it in yellow.  

I've experienced some problems with admin.servermessage with the in game
console.. Since it requires quotes around the message it interferes with the
quotes for the execremotecommand.  So I just use underscores for spaces with
admin.servermessage in game.

Gray messages come up with game.sayall from a server console.


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hnmm, you know, the messages I saw were complaining about lag, now that I
think about it.  That makes a lot of sense--

btw, how _do_ you inentionally create a grey server message?  I've been
fiddling with admin.servermessage (I believe) but it keeps giving me syntax

At 06:41 PM 7/1/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>I think i can answer this one...
>The grey messages happen when a player says something, disconnects, and 
>the text appears later due to chatlag. The server sees the player isnt 
>there anymore and displays the text analogously. The same might be 
>possible with nickchanges and chatlag but i haven't had the chance to
verify that one yet.
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>Onderwerp: [bf1942] exploit for Linux server?
>Jumped on my server last night, and I see grey server messages 
>appearing from other players on the server.  Is this an exploit they 
>are taking advantage of, or do I merely not understand something?  (I 
>realize it is much more likely I simply do not understand!)
>I have looked all over the place for detailed documentation for console 
>commands, but can't find it.  I don't even know how to create those 
>grey (or yellow) server messages myself.
>Any assistance would be greatly appreciated (I would at least feel 
>better knowing for sure that no one else can easily administer my $150 
>per month
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Lee M. Latham
Vice Field Marshall Admiral Imperator Generalissimo of Sales and Support
(muy importante)
+1 (713) 977-4177 x.103
lee at cgmlarson.com


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