[bf1942] DesertCombat .6

ScratchMonkey ScratchMonkey at SewingWitch.com
Thu Dec 25 16:29:22 EST 2003

--On Saturday, December 20, 2003 4:16 PM -0500 Steve Getman 
<steve at lightcubed.com> wrote:

> The Linux server file is only 12MB so not much point in putting it up as a
> torrent...  I am attempting to get a copy of the fixed version (evidently
> there was some issue with the filenames being in upper case...)

It looks like that's just the patch. I looked at FilePlanet and it looks 
like the v.5 server is over 30 MB. Not all that big by broadband standards, 
but it still means one has to wait in line at FP.

I do wish someone would come up with a nice Torrent serving system that was 
a little easier to set up, like just dropping a file in a directory and 
having it instantly appear as a torrent on one's web server. I'd do it 
myself but I've got some other projects of comparable complexity to deal 
with first....

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