Command line

Luca Fabbro luca.fabbro at
Tue Dec 9 07:46:50 EST 2003

Hi all,
	I'm a noob of BF1942 but I've got some experience with mohha and other ID 
engine based games like q3, rtcw etc. As BF1942 is a bit different in 
structure I'm having some troubles. Is there a place where I can find the 
list of available command line options? Like for example setting port and 
other game features.
As I'll run the server from behind a firewall it may happen that more than 
one server will show up with the same ip, in this case as for mohaa I need 
to specify also a different gamespy port from command line, is this 
available also in BF1942.
Is there any place where I can find usefull tips or examples of configurations?

I know that there is a copy of this list browsable via web, did someone 
know the url?

Maybe this questions were already made but I didn't subscibe to the list 
from the beginning :(

Thanks in advance


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