[bf1942] Punkbuster confirmed for 1.6

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Sad but true.  When you try to update their client or server side software
patches through your console in the game (sof2), it takes forever for their
servers to respond and send you the patch.  I have watched pings soar in
SOF2 from 40's and 50's to never below 100 and this affected everyone
playing the game, after punkbuster took over.  Their technique of catching
punk ass bitches is paying off in some circles, i.e..  a whole slew of punks
from top clans were removed from CAL sof2 ladder just recently because of
being caught by pb.  There are pro's and con's to pb but it took a lot of
the fun out of SOF2 because lag is attributed to their overloaded jacked-up
servers/lousy connection?

Thank God other games are just on the horizon.  IMHO bf1942 is going to suck
after pb takes over...

my $.02

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Time will only tell but from my experiences with PB it causes
more problems for the admin than it solves :(

    Steve / K
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> I'm the same, I think its great that DICE are at least addressing the
> >i disagree

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