[bf1942] OT: Odd screen resolutions

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Mon Dec 1 18:26:12 EST 2003

Lee Latham wrote:

> Thanks for the tip.  Interestingly, however, your screenshot looks just 
> fine on my CRT here at work.

Really? The text saying "Coalition forces captured the control point" 
doesn't look distorted to you? It certainly should do.. The actual game 
area looks fine, of course.. because the rendering engine probably 
doesn't care what ratio you use. It's just the fonts which are fixed ratio..

> Is it possible to alter the field of view in only the X direction in 
> bf1942?

Not sure if you can change the fov in BF.. would be nice if it were 
possible though. It's always felt a little too tight to me, but I've 
never made the effort to see if it's possible to increase it.. Let me 
know if you find out :)


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