Slow startup/map change speeds?

Stewart, John johns at
Mon Aug 25 15:56:20 EDT 2003

Since 1.4, whenever I start up bf1942_lnxded, and whenever there is a map
change, there is an almost exactly 30 second lag before the server kicks in.
For example, today when starting bf1982interstate (thank you James Gurney
for hosting the stripped linux server files!), I run this:

./bf1942_lnxded +statusMonitor 1

And it's almost exactly 30 seconds before the status screeen starts.

It really feels like a DNS timeout of some sort. However, the DNS config on
my machine appears to be fine. nslookup works fine on the command line for
both forward and reverse lookups.

This happens for all mods, not just interstate.

Any ideas what to look for here?



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