[bf1942] Statically linked version to be dropped--licensing

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Tue Aug 5 06:59:31 EDT 2003

> Star Trek Elite Force server as they ship a static and a dynamic
> version. From my reading your in the clear by also shipping the

This is a valid interpretation of the LGPL. Loki used to do this...you got
both static and dynamic builds, but we didn't want to hear from you if you
used the dynamic version (i.e. - we needed to supply it, but we didn't
have to support it). The dynamic version, license aside, was really for
people that wanted to replace something like SDL with a version that
supported their hardware better, etc.

For the record, though, we statically linked things like SDL and ESD...not
glibc. In fact, it's fairly dangerous to statically link glibc for
technical reasons, but you need to dynamically link with the right version
to not cause problems...the whole thing is a huge mess.


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