Statically linked version to be dropped--licensing

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at
Tue Aug 5 02:17:09 EDT 2003

Hi all,

a discussion on licenses came up here at DICE when another team
of developers were evaluating some LGPL libraries.

It seems we're in violation of the LGPL by distributing a statically linked
version of the BF server--the requirements in the LGPL license
state that a statically linked program must be distributed with object files
to allow for relinking by the end-user.

As we intepret it, this goes for programs linked with glibc and the
standard c++ library as well.

Since I cannot release object files I'm going to drop the static version
starting with the next update. I know this will prevent a whole lot of
from running the server, but violating the LGPL license is not an option.

If anyone has more insight into this it would be most welcome, but it
looks like the statically linked version is gone from now on.

// Andreas

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