[bf1942] Linux server status report 2003-04-22

Killing killing at barrysworld.com
Tue Apr 22 07:25:53 EDT 2003

Thanks for the update Andreas could you confirm that both win32 and linux
1.4 will have the command line config options and config port setting fixes?

These are the things that make BF1942 a pig to support ATM as without
them a separate install is required for each server run and as they are so
easy to fix it would be a killer if they where overlooked again :(

    Steve / K
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> Hi people,
> there have been easter holidays here in Sweden so this status report is one
> day late. I hope you don't mind :-)
> Now that you know that the next patch will be called 1.4 and that one of the
> new things with it is a "Linux server"; let me clarify what this means.
> We are going to release the 1.4 linux server at the same time as the win32
> release--but it will still be beta software. We need the freedom to push
> out updates more often than with the win32 stuff since our Linux version
> hasn't seen the same amount of testing.
> So in short, look forward to quick Linux fixes if and when it proves
> necessary.
> This is what I'm currently working on:
> - Compatibility issues. I have a small lab here with a lot of linux distros
> and
>   we're probably going to ship both static and dynamic versions of the
> binary.
>   The dynamic binary works out of the box on Gentoo 1.4 and RH9, but
> possibly also
>   on other gcc3-based distros. The static binary also works on RH 7.3 for
> example.
> - Stability, especially w.r.t. AI/COOP mode. The COOP game modes can cause
> server
>   crashes sometimes because of non-portable constructs in the AI subsystems.
> These
>   are very hard to fix and are very sporadic in behaviour. I probably won't
> have
>   the time to fix them all before the 1.4 release so expect COOP to work but
> have
>   a few rough edges.
>   I imagine the other game modes are the most important for internet servers
> anyway.
> Regards,
> Andreas

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