AW: [bf1942] 1.4 and disablin mods????

shagnome shagnome at
Mon Apr 21 03:06:27 EDT 2003

i dont really know much about this stuff, but with quake and rtcw, there is
a serverside cvar know as "sv_pure". This can be used to allow players to
use modified pk3 files, or only proper server client mods. Maybe they could
do something like this for bf so the server admin has the choice of what is
allowed and dissalowed.

anyways.. cheerz

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Maybe we could convince ea to let us set the "parental controls" so we
could have our blood

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yea but all the fans of the Merciless Creation packs and blood patches
myself) are gonna be a little bumed, but what ever it takes to stop
I'm all for.


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>Yes, they're talking about client-side mods. Since DC is a server side
>(the server needs the DC-files), Desert Combat is not affected by this.
>Read more in the DC-Forum
>Cheers, Martin
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>I read in forums, that dice and ea wanna disable clientside mods, to
>cheats, some people cry, because they think DC wont work anymore...
>sorry, for this offtopic question, but does someone know more about

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