AW: [bf1942] 1.4 and disablin mods????

Daniel Valois ninzor at
Sun Apr 20 20:55:54 EDT 2003

Maybe we could convince ea to let us set the "parental controls" so we
could have our blood

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yea but all the fans of the Merciless Creation packs and blood patches
myself) are gonna be a little bumed, but what ever it takes to stop
I'm all for.


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>Yes, they're talking about client-side mods. Since DC is a server side
>(the server needs the DC-files), Desert Combat is not affected by this.
>Read more in the DC-Forum
>Cheers, Martin
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>I read in forums, that dice and ea wanna disable clientside mods, to 
>cheats, some people cry, because they think DC wont work anymore...
>sorry, for this offtopic question, but does someone know more about

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