[bf1942] Why Linux?

Bradley Caricofe caricofe at comcast.net
Mon Apr 7 15:25:09 EDT 2003

> IF DICE gets BF running well on Linux and continues to support he Linux
> community...  IF DICE does NOT do something stupid like making their
> Expansion Packs required to run new Mod's...  One and a half years from
> now when the average computer power is greater and the average game geek
> (myself included) want more than shoot'm up out of their game... THEN
> you will see BF servers in the 20,000 number range.  By then, the game
> will be $35, the number of quality Mods will be great, and the world
> will be a better place.  :-)

20000!  I like your enthusiasm and I too would like to see the same thing,
but I don't believe I'll ever see that many BF servers up...  Hopefully I'll
be proven wrong... =)

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