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Derek Jackson battlefield at digitalnines.com
Mon Apr 7 15:03:46 EDT 2003

I will preface this by saying I am not the same person that originated
this thread from the same email address. I am the owner of the company
you insulted. It's amazing to me, out of an honest question posted, you
can not only flame the individual, but also our whole company.

The individual who originally posted the question is definitely not 14;
our company has been around more than a year already, and is very
successful; and he had already tried said situation before posting about

Before posting, we had spent some time setting up BF1942 on our Linux
machines in an effort to add that to our repertoire. We had noticed that
it was the most resource intense game server we'd ever used, even
dwarfing Spearhead (which previously amazed us). We knew the machine we
had it on (listed in the specs) was well more than adequate to do the
job, however. Our first customer for this game complained of an issue we
figured out later to be the 'bungee effect', but after letting the
customer know this was an issue with the Linux server code, and not with
us, they still wanted to drop the server. Wasn't a huge issue, since
this customer had been told this was a trial situation anyway, because
of the beta nature of the release.

Given the huge amount of resources that this game appeared to take on
our machines, I think the question my coworker asked is very valid:
"what kind of cpu usage could i expect ?". He had already tried the
situation and noted the usage and wanted to compare with what others had
seen to make sure it was normal. So it seems this "14 year old wannabe
server admin selling game servers to the 13 year olds" just got a flame
attempt from a 9 year old. Please refrain from your ignorant, assuming
remarks, and the world might not think of you as the arrogant prick you
chose to be.

"Jesus loves you, but I'll see you in hell, biotch!" - Anonymous

Derek Jackson

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i dont know, i guess im just tired of seeing incapable people using this
list to get there servers setup so they can become the latest game
server hosting company that will fail in under a year. why doesnt he try
it is all im asking...

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yes it will, expect it to give you about a .3 to a .5 load on a VERY
active server on a small map (ie. worse case scenario)

/me goes into rant mode
also when did this list become a sort of "will my pc work!"
i think were starting to drag the 14yr old wannabe server admins here
selling game servers to the 13yr olds. my point being, just try to run
damn thing and tell US hot it works, thats why this list is here, to
provide feedback on how the game works under conditions, not to ask if
they will...
/me ends rant

On Sun, 6 Apr 2003, Battlefield at digitalnines.com wrote:

> These are my box specs:
> Intel Pentium4 2.4Ghz
> 512K Cache
> 533 Mhz bus speed
> 512MB RAM
> 80GB HDD 7200
> Pipe: big enuf :)
> Could this run a 16 client BF 1942 server? with expansion pack RTR?
> what kind of cpu usage could i expect ?

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