[armyops] 2.5 graveyard

Steffen Rilk steffen.rilk at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 12 16:40:32 EDT 2009

Hello all,

from my point of view you guys are talkin about two seperate issues ?
Tackling both i will at least hit one right topic  =)
I think Stuart was talkin about the game client, if thats the case then
maybe the auth. server "was" down
and the game is far from burried because there are more servers ( honor) up
and running then i can remember having seen
in the last years. Those downtimes take hours and are very seldom. Besides
people started writing funny mods for classic maps
( artillery , gravity , killing sprees and teleporters and what not ... )

I guess Ryans reply was about the linux server released with AA 2.5 which is
unable to be seen when trying to go "global" right now.
Some folks spend a huge time coding a GUI to help people play  and host 2.5
servers : http://25assist.com/
You will only "need" it for hosting global servers , and it will "help" you
play the game of course you can still play without it.

Let's just hope the best for an AA 3 native linux/mac client. It has
promising ideas, let's start a petition ? But i guess with
the army getting a big budget cut no extra money will be spent  =(


2009/3/12 Ryan C. Gordon <icculus at icculus.org>

>  Am I correct in assuming 2.5 (online) is dead and buried?
> The master server is gone; simplembs.armygame.com was pointing at my
> GoDaddy dedicated server, which has since been deactivated. It's fallout
> from not having the GameSpy license: I wrote my own master server to replace
> it, and the Mac and Linux clients talked to that instead.
> I could host the master server elsewhere, but I don't control the DNS
> entry, so it wouldn't help.
> Honestly, it's probably time to move on from ArmyOps, unless the Army
> decides to revisit it with 3.0.
> --ryan.
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