[armyops] 2.5 graveyard

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Thu Mar 12 01:37:42 EDT 2009

> Am I correct in assuming 2.5 (online) is dead and buried?

The master server is gone; simplembs.armygame.com was pointing at my 
GoDaddy dedicated server, which has since been deactivated. It's fallout 
from not having the GameSpy license: I wrote my own master server to 
replace it, and the Mac and Linux clients talked to that instead.

I could host the master server elsewhere, but I don't control the DNS 
entry, so it wouldn't help.

Honestly, it's probably time to move on from ArmyOps, unless the Army 
decides to revisit it with 3.0.


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