[armyops] RE: WELCOME to armyops at icculus.org

J0hnGalt armyops at mycomputerperson.biz
Thu Jan 29 02:03:05 EST 2004

From: "HA CrazyDog1" <robert_ludiker at hotmail.com>
> If anyone wants a copy of this,
> I am working on a downloadable version with instructions; just contact me
> that you are interested, and I will shoot you a link once it is complete.

Bah.  Just post the script (or post the link if it's a big one).  It's not
like we have so much going on here that one semi-on-topic post would cripple
the system or cramp our styles.  Besides it's a valid work-around for a
known issue, is it not?

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