[armyops] Sound & SBLive 5.1 solution

Frank Earl fearl at airmail.net
Sat May 17 12:22:08 EDT 2003

On Saturday 17 May 2003 04:30 pm, Artur Bać wrote:

> I think threre schuld be info for Live 5.1 users how to setup sound for AAO
> & Live


> Default settings of driver /etc/emu10k1 are good for everythig even
> Unreal2003 except AAO under linux

Did the changes impact Unreal 2k3?  (I hope not.  I was kind-of planning on 
getting an Audigy in the near future and I do play UT 2k3.  (Got to wonder 
why they didn't offer a Linux version of Unreal II when they did for UT 
2k3...Oh well...))

> I changed view things and now i can say Eax dont work but something about
> 3dsnound look like is working sometimes

What you're hearing is very likely to be the software positional audio code in 
OpenAL trying to do it's job.  Unfortunately, there is no OpenAL/EAX support 
under Linux.  It's my understanding that while Creative supplied the drivers 
for the Emu10k chip in the Live and Audigy lines, they did not see fit to 
supply EAX/OpenAL support for that source.  Supposedly, they're working on 
some support under ALSA, it was more of a hopeful than a reality from my 
understanding.  The aforementioned lack of hardware EAX/OpenAL support goes 
for all other sound cards under Linux right at the moment.

Frank Earl

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