[armyops] wrapping up the beta.

Artur Bać arturbac at o2.pl
Fri May 16 11:55:53 EDT 2003

Dnia pią 16. maja 2003 17:43, Ryan C. Gordon napisał:
> Like I said, we're winding down. So:
> 2) If you've got a bug that you think is really important that hasn't been
> addressed to your satisfaction, please speak up now. 

> 3) In the final version, I'll be putting a README together that is Linux
> specific, and I'd like to list the beta testers in there.
Since my earlier post nothing have changed agains sound
- Nor only for me but also for my friend whi helps me testing this aao soound 
a) we both have windows version of game and we are able to campare quality
b) i use gentoo he slackware
c) my sound card is SBLive 5.1 his too
d) sound is flat , completly flat, We are unable to determine the directions 
of shouts etc.
e) sound pitch is too hight the game openal doesn't respond to aumix, kmix 
settings.It dosn't matter what i set in aumix the treblle and bases always 
are the same in game always. So sound is hoarse at least , poor quality

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