[armyops] Multi Platform Serwer Manager for AAO Server Administartors

Artur Bać arturbac at o2.pl
Sun Jul 20 19:12:20 EDT 2003

> - is compiled (both Client & Server ) for FreeBSD, Linux , Windows
>   (possiblymacintosh)

I know that Servers of Laom are usles for now at linux freebsd but i hope some 
day SCI will give to public LinuxAAO server

Of course there are more possibly compilations including 
(without modification in source !!!)

aix,  hurd, openbsd, solaris, irix-cc, qnx, hpux,lynxos,reliant
bsdi,mac9-mwerks,tru64,cygwin :D,  macx, sco, darwin, unixware,dgux
, netbsd


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