Multi Platform Serwer Manager for AAO Server Administartors

Artur Bać arturbac at
Sun Jul 20 19:01:24 EDT 2003

For owners of Servers

I have writen Multiplatform Army Operations Server Manager 

LAOM is some king of HAOM but it features architecture of Client - Serwer
Imagine You have got GUI at Home and core at Server

LAOM Features
- consists of GUI for remote administartion named Client and Server wich 
  realizes tasks given by Client
- is written i C++ and QT library
- is compiled (both Client & Server ) for FreeBSD, Linux , Windows 
- it can start and stop servers at given time , set & forget 
- it autmaitcaly restarts servers that crashed.
- Laom Server consumes 9Mb of memory in maximized form and when minimized to 
   task bar 2.7MB
- laom Server at idle stage (when AAO server is runing) s using 0% ,
  somtimes 2% of CPU
- You dont need to run slow Remote connections to windows server to run or 
   stop AAO servers
- from 0.2.0 to 0.2.4 a made only fixes and optimistations to achive stable 
  server with smal amount of memory used and as small as possible amount of 
Laom server has been tested for the last week at Majestic Server in Poland for 
remote administration and to set polish Ligue & Polish ladder matches

Everything is available for download at

few screnshoots (0.2.2 of client adn 0.2.4 
of server)

Tell me what You think about it and Spread the word if You think it is worth
Artur Bać

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