[armyops] FAQ or Archive for armyops at icculus.org

jerzy szczudlowski jerzy at jedwab.net.pl
Tue Dec 9 16:27:33 EST 2003

Andrew Pilley wrote:
> But from what I've seen, even though some icculus.org mailing lists have
> archives, this one doesn't appear to, for some reason. I'm not overly
> sure why.

Well, there is no WWW archive, but you can always get old mail through
ezmlm commands.

Here is a list of the command addresses supported:

Send mail to the following for info and FAQ for this list:
   <armyops-info at icculus.org>
   <armyops-faq at icculus.org>

To get messages 123 through 145 (a maximum of 100 per request), mail:
   <armyops-get.123_145 at icculus.org>

To get an index with subject and author for messages 123-456, mail:
   <armyops-index.123_456 at icculus.org>

To receive all messages with the same subject as message 12345,
send an empty message to:
   <armyops-thread.12345 at icculus.org>

The messages do not really need to be empty, but I will ignore
their content. Only the ADDRESS you send to is important.

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