[armyops] AAO doesnt open

jason pearl jpearl24 at cox.net
Tue Dec 9 16:15:07 EST 2003

i am using aao for linux 2.0

i am using mandrake 9.2 with a radeon 7000 64meg.  The game opened once
and the pics were just a bunch of polygons.

ill do the terminal thing and see what happens
On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 11:23, Peter Bonivart wrote:

> Are you starting it from the menu? Open a terminal and start it from 
> there with armyops, it will print what's wrong in the terminal. My guess 
> is something with the 3D hardware support.
> What is Linux 2.0? What distribution do you have and if it is video 
> related, what card do you have?
> /Peter
> jason pearl wrote:
> > 
> > when i start the program the opening little box comes on but thats it. 
> > it goes away and ends the program... anyone have any ideas?   its linux 
> > 2.0  thanks
> > 

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