[armyops] gameplay resolution

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Thu Aug 28 23:23:48 EDT 2003

> I've got a Visiontek GeForce3 Ti200. The Slackware 9 kernel version is
> 2.4.21. I was going to suggest checking the resolutions in your
> XF86Config file, but the game doesn't appear to use those. On my box, it
> lists several resolutions that are not listen there. They are, however,
> all resolutions that my monitor is theoretically capable of.

It has a list of resolutions that are hardcoded into the game (which is
different than 1.7, which queried for available resolutions...the reasons
for the change wouldn't make sense out of context)...it goes through this
list and checks with SDL to see if it can handle that resolution and
removes the ones that SDL doesn't approve. It's possible your XFree86
setup doesn't have 1024x768 as a valid resolution.

If it does and you're sure that your system can handle it, you can specify
any resolution you want in your .ini file.


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