[armyops] Horrible spund quality

4Front Technologies dev at opensound.com
Sat Apr 26 22:57:32 EDT 2003

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>>>Sound is flat and poor quality.
> We'll be shipping a newer OpenAL which hopefully will fix some audio bugs.
> --ryan.


In case someone's using our commercial OSS drivers and is experiencing audio lag,
please go to http://www.opensound.com and download our modified openal.so file
A patch is provided for those who would like to see the fix. This patch applies
to UT2003 as well.

Kindly report any problems with America's Army to dev at opensound.com  So far
AA works fine with SBLive/Audigy/Audigy2 and most of our OSS drivers with the
Virtual Mixer.

For added effect with SBLive, you really need to turn up equalizers in ossxmix
(also sounds great if you have virtual mixer pro).

Best regards
Dev Mazumdar
4Front Technologies
4035 Lafayette Place, Unit F, Culver City, CA 90232, USA
Tel: 310 202 8530   Fax: 310 202 0496   URL: http://www.opensound.com

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