[aquaria] SDL2 patches...

False.Genesis false.genesis at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 23 10:20:31 EDT 2013

>> We can't link GPL code against the Steamworks SDK, period. It's not a technical concern, it's a legal one.
> That's unfortunate. I guess they don't see having a separate interface
> that may or may not resemble Steam's API an option.

Ahh, the dreaded GPL, always a problem. Then I propose to change the 
license from GPL to something less restrictive (MIT?) if this is somehow 
possible, as it would change things for the better. Imho there's no 
reason to keep these (legal) barriers.
Really, what is the difference between GPL code and patched up non-GPL 
code that almost completely resembles the GPL one. Not in a legal sense 
of course; legally this is pretty clear even though it feels a bit stupid.

Thoughts on this? Is it even still possible at this stage? Is that an 
option to consider or is it totally out of question?
I just really think it'll avoid further complications and be better for 
everyone, even if it's just to make lawyers happy.

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