[aquaria] SDL2 patches...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Mon Jul 22 20:37:44 EDT 2013

> I agree, that's a nice idea. But I don't know if steam supports that.
> Any idea of how many other games (except the HiB #1 ones) on steam are
> also open source? How do others handle it?

Most GPL'd games (Lugaru, Doom, Quake, Aquaria) ship a separate fork, so 
it's whatever was shipping anyhow, without any community contributions. 
I moved Lugaru to SDL2, just like Aquaria, and posted the patches, but 
since I didn't start from the GPL'd release, I wasn't required to post 
them and don't have to abide by the GPL so long as I don't pull in any 
outside contributions to the Steam version...basically, I was working in 
good faith by posting the patches but it's actually a totally separate 
project. Doom 3's BFG Edition is the same deal: Id Software threw more 
resources into the game, from their non-GPL fork, and then GPL'd the 
final results. They can do what they want, but you _also_ get that code 
under the GPL.

Steel Storm: Retribution is built on DarkPlaces (which is a really 
heavily modified version of Quake 1's GPL sources). It made no engine 
changes (just its own Quake C code for scripting), so they can just 
point people to the unmodified DarkPlaces repository. It can't link 
against Steamworks either.

> Isn't the steamworks SDK available only under an NDA?

Yes, and when I talked to Valve's lawyers, they said that linking it 
against a GPL'd game was a non-starter in any case.

> Btw, SDL2 works really well, no problems found so far on win32.

Cool!  :)

> Unrelated:  I'm just finishing up an implementation of real positional
> audio, replacing the hack I did last year. Keeps biting me that the game
> mixes mono and stereo oggs for sound effects and OpenAL chokes on half
> of them, but what can you do.

Convert to mono before calling alBufferData() if you know it's not 
actually meant to be music?

(This wasn't a problem in FMOD, which was what the game originally used 
before I refused to pay for the license.  :)  )


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