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False.Genesis false.genesis at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 19 18:14:07 EDT 2013

> Also, I mostly consider my work done at this point, so we should
> probably talk about moving the official source repository somewhere more
> active, or at least have the icculus.org repo pull once a day from
> someone else's. Is False.Genesis's repo the defacto repository now, or
> is it someone else?

Well, I tried hard to achieve actually this. :)
I'm not aware of any other active repo.
Partial success indicated by e.g. 

So now that this is on the horizon, I'll restructure the repo a bit - 
rename to something less awkward, turn into a github organization, etc. 
to make it more open-sourcey.

> I think between you and Andrew Church, we've probably got 90% of the GPL work. Andrew, are you interested in this?

For the other changes I've gone through my repo and collected all 
commits not done by me.
Some are not relevant (russian datafiles).
For everyone else I hope they will reply and give their okay.

Some data from the russian version:

These were done by KS-10 on the #bitblot IRC

Then, we might want to use other mod menu icons instead of the ones I 
used, as they are not license compatible (GPL, LGPL, Mozilla Public 1.1, 
Added in 
(See references.txt for source info)
Either someone could poke Derek about it, or I can ask Frances Fawcett 
(the artist I'm working together with on our sequel mod) if she wants to 
make new ones. Thoughts on this?

Unknown authors (russian language support patch), Modified by me
(Original mention in articles linked via 
http://www.bit-blot.com/forum/index.php?topic=4229.0, but some links are 

By Henrik Holst:

By Matt Bierner
(Parts of) 

By Pascal Lingnau:

... and some changes already in the icculus repo by Mathias Panzenböck, 
Yukai Li/GMMman, Pontos, James Le Cuirot, David Gow, Andrew/andrews05, 
and programmer2;
ordered by appearance in the commit log going backwards.

Unless I didn't overlook someone that should be all.

If not all reply, how is this generally handled? Many of the patches 
depending on earlier changes wouldn't apply, so does someone else have 
to re-do them bit by bit, or will those commits simply be left out if 
possible? Never actually thought of this...

> I'll check with Alec to see if he'll let me update the Windows Steam build too.

That would be nice.
Everything above being said, there's a few more things to discuss:

First, the mod downloader I added pulls a mod list from my server, 
http://fg.wzff.de/aqmods/ by default, unless a different URL is in the 
config. I think it *should* be able to handle the traffic, but for the 
sake of control someone else might want to host the root XML. The 
downloader supports chaining, so it's actually possible to link to other 
servers, and it will incrementally build up a mod list from what it can 
If everyone is fine with that I'd continue managing & hosting the mod 
list and most of the mods.

<shameless plug>
Second, I'll continue doing changes to the C++ code if I need them for 
our sequel mod, if doing something in Lua is impossible.
So if this code goes live before we are done, which is very likely 
considering we'll need at least another year, it'd be great to get 
another update out then. It's so hard to get aquaria mods popular, 
especially if a non-steam version is required to play.
</shameless plug>

-- Max

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