[aquaria] SDL2 patches...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Fri Jul 19 10:57:08 EDT 2013

> I was thinking the same thing. Andrew Church made some vast
> improvements, particularly to the performance, which would have been of
> great benefit to the Android version recently released through the HiB.
> I haven't tried it on my phone yet but I suspect it will struggle as
> it's a little on the weedy side.

I assumed the Android version _was_ Andrew's code; was it not?

Also, I mostly consider my work done at this point, so we should 
probably talk about moving the official source repository somewhere more 
active, or at least have the icculus.org repo pull once a day from 
someone else's. Is False.Genesis's repo the defacto repository now, or 
is it someone else?


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