[aquaria] SDL Fullscreen on OS X Lion?

Julian Ceipek julian.ceipek at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 03:41:07 EST 2012

When I built the source for aquaria on Mac OS X Lion and launched the game,
it failed with the error:

> Couldn't set resolution [800x600]
> Error setting OpenGL fullscreen: invalid fullscreen drawable

I worked around it by forcing windowed mode in UserSettings.cpp, but I
think the problem could be resolved (in order to enable fullscreen mode on
Lion, which handles fullscreen mode differently than Snow Leopard) by
building against the newest version of SDL1.2.
Would this be as simple as replacing libSDL in the ExternalLibs folder?

Please forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong place; I only found out
about the Aquaria source release recently, via the Wolfire blog.
I'm just starting to learn C++, but I think this project is amazing and
hope that I will be able to contribute to it in the future.

--Julian Ceipek
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