[aquaria] Patch catchup...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sat Nov 19 03:59:09 EST 2011

I finally applied damned near _every_ patch in the mailing list queue. I 
expect there will be some breakage; if something used to work and now 
doesn't, please let us know (and/or send a patch to fix it!).

If I missed something, please let me know. A few things didn't make it 
in; in those cases, I've listed why below.

> log to console in debug mode; close log properly; really #define _DEBUG
> for gcc debug builds + gcc _DEBUG compatibility

This is hg changeset 8af6970b3ab8.

> fixes for win32/MSVC build. This removes SDLmain as dependency, and
> fixes newer gcc versions refusing to compile FmodOpenALBridge.cpp.
> Allow enabling/disabling console window in win32 build.

This is hg changeset 181f49542148, but I changed one thing in 
CMakeLists.txt ... Mac OS X always needs SDLmain, because it sets up a 
bunch of important Mac/Cocoa-specific stuff before the real main() runs. 
So I put that line back in CMakeLists.txt.

(and then I realized a later patch in the queue fixed this anyhow...)

> fix MSVC OpenGL linkage warnings & mingw linker problems. use SDL.lib also for MinGW.

hg changeset d3699e6efb1e.

> re-enable linking against SDLmain

hg changeset 7b8f3209afde.

> (Added Win32 libs from False.Genesis.)

hg changeset abb7caee0035.

> Btw, are there any "quality requirements" for patches except that they
> should be easy to review & apply?

Nope!  :)

Actually, I review them all, which is why there's such a delay in 
applying them, and I don't always get it right anyhow. I should probably 
push them faster and let everyone else send a new round of patches if 
there's a problem, since I'm more of a bottleneck than a quality control 
at the moment.

> added virtual file system support to aquaria - as a clean, experimental
> patch.

I didn't apply this because it's massive, marked experimental, and my 
ego thinks you should use PhysicsFS instead.  :P

(but I'll definitely apply this if others like it and test it a little bit!)

> The following snippet fixes it, but i suppose it is too hackish.
> Is the vector ever compacted? Seems to me that RenderObjectLayer::sort()
> is never actually called, and it does not set firstFreeIdx accordingly
> anyway - it should, imho. If it was called.

I applied this, but please let me know if you've found a solution you're 
more happy with.

> quick patch to fix health upgrade eggs and doors damage, currently it
> is possible to destroy them with a beam/laser.
> Not a mechanics-affecting bug though, as a door's obstruction mask is
> not cleared on death, and the spot remains impassable.

(Fixed tabs vs spaces and made this into) hg changeset e76a2f95b53b.

> I made two patches that will let cmake use system versions of both zlib
> and libpng to compile the game.

hg changesets f71e2070332d and 22048c50ba33.

> Hi all, made another patch that addresses some issues mostly in the
> scripting interface.
> Got myself into modding lately, and already found enough things that
> bothered me.
> The patch file contains a description of all changes; had to edit it by
> hand a bit, hope it does still apply. Made against current icculus repo.
> [...plus...]
> Also attached a fixed version of the script cleanup patch posted
> earlier; it added a small typo that broke entity activation, and
> required --recount to apply, due to manual edit. Fixed now.

hg changeset 87742071f83c.

I shouldn't have applied this as one big changeset, but it seems really 
rude to make you go back and break it up into smaller patches after all 
this time.

I fixed up most of the tabstops in this patch.

> One adds optional support for native world maps in mods;

Didn't put this in because the email said it relied on VFS support, 
which I also didn't apply.

> the other one changes some things in the editor that i found especially
> cumbersome.

hg changeset dbed0ab50862.

> Fixed problem with RLT_FIXED and sun form charge glow
> Sometimes the glow render object was added to an array position before
> darkness on the layer, which made the glow never visible and never light
> up the screen.

hg changeset d15f64902672.

> Hi, my entity cleanup patch added a typo in Entity::setAllDamageTargets
> that i overlooked until now. Fix is attached.

hg changeset 2a332d382241.

> Hi all, another little patch, this time basically a one-liner.
> A mod was initialized *after* songs were loaded, so it never actually
> loaded a mod's songs.xml when starting from a saved game.

hg changeset c5efd5c0513b.

> This very simple patch enables keypad support in Aquaria, so that we
> may then edit our usersettings.xml file to use the KEY_NUMPAD[0-9] keys

hg changeset 61afc6ad4b20.

> Note effects (glow + ripples when singing) look nice, but they were
> broken on widescreen, and the ripples looked not so good.
> The patch is a one-liner to fix the widescreen issue and improve the
> look of the ripples (personal taste).

hg changeset c8e9327299a4.

> The 2nd patch re-activates & fixes disabled code for a radial blur
> effect. It requires framebuffer effects turned on and <Blur on="1" /> in
> the settings. Personally, i think spirit form looks much cooler with it.
> Had to move the DarkLayer rendering code _after_ the post FX code,
> otherwise the dark layer was not shown when blur was active.

hg changeset 5c8ef070be7a. Blah blah tabstops blah blah.

> This patch was originally posted by Yogoda in July 2010, but has somehow
> missed its way into the repo (also see
> http://icculus.org/pipermail/aquaria/2010-July/000230.html)

hg changeset 6e093b7082c7. (and sorry for missing this one before!)

>> > I have it looking in the root folder, mainly to keep compatibility with
>> > 1.1.3 mods which put data files in the root folder as well.  I agree it
>> > would be cleaner to exactly mirror the structure of the game data (e.g.
>> > data files in data/, "gfx" instead of "graphics"), but I don't think
>> > it's worth breaking compatibility just to clean that up.
> So, here's a little patch that does exactly that - hope everything is
> path-compatible to your code now.

This patch didn't apply cleanly (possibly I missed something, possibly 
because it relies on a patch I rejected). Can you take a look at this?

> As reported on the forums:
> http://www.bit-blot.com/forum/index.php?topic=4253.0
> Fix is attached. Thought I better post it here before it gets missed.
> Have a nice sunday everyone.

hg changeset bbe6f0525307.

> Two things that annoyed me in the animation editor (bone jumping and a
> more-than-necessary clunky mouse control when dragging around bones).
> See patch/changes for details. I found the added text label helpful when
> finetuning angles/positions, so i left it in.

This doesn't apply cleanly at the moment (probably same reasons as above).


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